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A Quick Note to Teenagers

While standing in line at Noodles & Co. tonight, I was fortunate (note: sarcasm) enough to be behind two tall, athletically built teenage girls, both wearing yoga pants and both revealing much, much more of themselves than they would wearing a … Continue reading

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Scratching the Surface of Lana Del Rey… ‘s FACE

Sorry Hipster kids, if you were hoping for an omgshe’saahhmaaazing post, this isn’t it. I honestly don’t have any strong feelings about her music either way. It’s fine, just not my cup of tea. Recently, my friend Chelsey posted LDR’s … Continue reading

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Another Day, Another Lifetime Original

We here at Don’t Cho There are big fans of 90s Lifetime Originals, and tonight I discovered a new gem to add to our list of Lifetime Classics. Death of a Cheerleader OR A Friend to Die For (Don’t you … Continue reading

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Kim & Kris…kallin’ it kuits

  Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries have filed for divorce! *GASP!* If you’ve been keeping up with the Kardashians, then you know all the buzz surrounding August’s big celebrity wedding between Kim and Kris. Kim’s (oh yes, it was definitely … Continue reading

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Christmas should only happen in December…or July.

Let me begin by saying that Christmas is in December. Yet we are forced to start celebrating this joyous holiday as early as the end of September, with the arrival of special “Holiday Displays” at department stores, followed shortly in … Continue reading

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