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I’ve Heard It Both Ways.

Okay, so if you’re like me, you are a huge dork. Which means you watch awesome comedic crime shows. The best of this genre? Why, Psych, of course! And as of 10:30 central time this morning, it was announced that … Continue reading

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Hot Bitch Off: Fred Savage VS. Mark-Paul Gosselaar

So, my co-Cho, Saundra, and I agree on most things, but one debate that we will never see eye-to-eye on is an imaginary very real competition between Kevin Arnold and Zack (NOT “Zach”, kids. It’s Zack, as in ZACK Motherfuckin’ ATTACK) Morris. … Continue reading

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A Little Prinze on the Way

Every celebrity gossip lover has that one celebrity couple that they put all of their hopes and dreams into. That one couple that-if they break up-actually wounds your soul a little. For me, that golden couple is none other than … Continue reading

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I’d call THIS a Hogan’s Hero…

Hello, World! It’s been far too long. We’ve been far too busy being awesome Chos. Obviously. So, to welcome Don’t Cho There back to the world, let’s admire this hot slut: Because I love him. Oh, so much. Also, let’s … Continue reading

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Another Day, Another Lifetime Original

We here at Don’t Cho There are big fans of 90s Lifetime Originals, and tonight I discovered a new gem to add to our list of Lifetime Classics. Death of a Cheerleader OR A Friend to Die For (Don’t you … Continue reading

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