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Gabriel + Gabrielle = Mind Blown

So, recently, the collective Chola Brain was blown by the realization that God (played by Gabriel Casseus) in the 2000 “hit” Bedazzled,  and popular actress Gabrielle Union are one and the same. See for yourself if you don’t believe it. … Continue reading

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Hero of the Day: Drunk Man Uses Taco as Form of ID

This may be one of the reasons why I haven’t followed my family’s pattern of careers in law enforcement – I would find this kind of behavior perfectly acceptable (not really, but I’ve never been one to turn down a … Continue reading

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Cop Rock sings to my Soul

Earlier this year, I learned about the best, most glorious show of 1990: Cop Rock. A Glee-like extravaganza that follows a bunch of cops, who seem to burst into song more than they burst onto the scene of a crime. … Continue reading

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Funny of the Day: ‘The Pirate Song’

As much as I love present day television, I still get the feeling that it’s still not as magical as it once was. Also, as a George Harrison fan, I enjoy watching anything that shows his great sense of humor. … Continue reading

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This Guy Knows How to Quit!

I think it’s safe to say (especially with how the economy has been for a while, and therefore career choices being dwindled), that many people have had to hold a shit job that they hated. You know, that job where … Continue reading

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