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Hot Bitch Off: Fred Savage VS. Mark-Paul Gosselaar

So, my co-Cho, Saundra, and I agree on most things, but one debate that we will never see eye-to-eye on is an imaginary very real competition between Kevin Arnold and Zack (NOT “Zach”, kids. It’s Zack, as in ZACK Motherfuckin’ ATTACK) Morris. … Continue reading

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Happy 30th Birthday Queen FrappFrapp/”Our Lady of Cheetos”/Britney Spears!

I’m not sure if my Cho/co-blogger realized this last night, but she posted some ahhmazing classic BritBrit music videos on my facebook wall on the eve of one of the top 5 holidays in December! Yes, our Brit turned 30 … Continue reading

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I Want a C-OO-L..R-I-D-E-R…

Most everyone has seen Grease with Travolta (“Oh ma God!”) and knows all of the catchy songs, but it takes a truly brave soul to be a fan of Grease 2. Since censorship was barely present in my childhood, and … Continue reading

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“50/50” is a movie I’d actually pay movie theatre prices to see again

If there’s any movie you see this month, see 50/50. I (finally!) got the chance to see it this past weekend, and it was l’amazing. I expected it to be good, but I did not expect it to be as … Continue reading

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“Um, I invented Post-Its…”

Oh my hot-rich-Sandy Frink. Let’s all thank Entertainment Weekly, for giving us this glorious reunion. Along with Romy & Michele’s High School Reunion; The Carol Burnett Show, Dallas, Fatal Attraction, Growing Pains, Home Improvement, NYPD , The Princess Bride and … Continue reading

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