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Scratching the Surface of Lana Del Rey… ‘s FACE

Sorry Hipster kids, if you were hoping for an omgshe’saahhmaaazing post, this isn’t it. I honestly don’t have any strong feelings about her music either way. It’s fine, just not my cup of tea. Recently, my friend Chelsey posted LDR’s … Continue reading

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Hot Bitch Off: Fred Savage VS. Mark-Paul Gosselaar

So, my co-Cho, Saundra, and I agree on most things, but one debate that we will never see eye-to-eye on is an imaginary very real competition between Kevin Arnold and Zack (NOT “Zach”, kids. It’s Zack, as in ZACK Motherfuckin’ ATTACK) Morris. … Continue reading

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Rihanna and Chris Brown Want Us to Know They’re Boning Again

In case your brain hasn’t been infected with this news yet, professional publicity whores Chris Brown and Rihanna have just released two remixes together (click the link if you’re interested in listening to the flaming kaka that was birthed from … Continue reading

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Product Review: Organix Coconut Milk Anti-Breakage Serum

Okay, I’m aware that we do a lot of hair product reviews here at Don’t Cho There, but it’s honestly hard out there for those of us with wavy/curly Chola hair. (Side note: the google image search for “Chola hair” … Continue reading

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RiRi FINALLY Has New Hair!

In the words of the Great Medea, “Hallelujer!”. Even though I haven’t really been feeling RiRi’s music since her Good Girl Gone Bad album, I’m always interested in her fashion choices. She always keeps it interesting, but in less of … Continue reading

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