A Quick Note to Teenagers

While standing in line at Noodles & Co. tonight, I was fortunate (note: sarcasm) enough to be behind two tall, athletically built teenage girls, both wearing yoga pants and both revealing much, much more of themselves than they would wearing a mini-skirt and tight tank (and that’s saying something). And while these girls have young, perfect bodies, they looked AWFUL.

Now, I get it: yoga pants are comfortable. HOWEVER, when they’re so tight I can see everything and then some, we have a problem. First of all, that CANNOT be comfortable. You look like you have a wedgie…at every angle. Secondly, I highly doubt you’ve hit a yoga mat before and you only bought the pants because you thought they were ‘cool’ or ‘sexy’. And third, you look…well, trashy. Who the hell told you that this looks good?!

It amazes me the things that teenagers/young people wear and think is attractive.

So, teenagers of the world, please know: THIS DOES NOT LOOK GOOD. In fact, you look downright trashy. And I don’t care how skinny, how fit, how perfect your body may be. You don’t look nice. You don’t look classy. You don’t look attractive. And the only people who will disagree with me are adolescent boys who only care about sex, perverted older men who only care about sex, and frat boys…who only care about sex.

Is that really the image you want to project?


About saundramarie

Sometimes I think I may be taller than I am. Then I stand next to someone and realize I was wrong. Dead wrong. Follow me on Twitter @saundramarie
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