Rihanna and Chris Brown Want Us to Know They’re Boning Again

In case your brain hasn’t been infected with this news yet, professional publicity whores Chris Brown and Rihanna have just released two remixes together (click the link if you’re interested in listening to the flaming kaka that was birthed from dysfunction).
One of the remixes is titled Birthday Cake. As my favorite blogger Michael K said, “If RiRi wants to f*ck on that twathole again, then fine, but why is she dragging us into it? More importantly, why is she dragging delicious cake into it?”
UGH. Seriously, RiRi? What would Tina Turner Angela Bassett say? Obviously, there are many opinions on this matter; ranging from moron tweens on twatter (typo, but I’m keeping it) saying “OMG he’s so hot he could beat me any day” to “This guy is the epitome of douche and it’s insane that this is even up for discussion”(which is my personal stance).

Now, I may joke about some heavy shit in this post (it’s my defense mechanism, duh); but as a woman I am sincerely disappointed, and as a member of my generation I’m appalled. First of all, I’m not necessarily lashing out at Rihanna for jumping back on the dick that she was once slapped with. That’s her business, I guess?
But she is, however, completely shitting on the fact that she is a role model for some young women out there. Is it so far-fetched to think that some young, naive, impressionable woman out there is hit by her boyfriend, and rationalizes “Well, beautiful and famous Rihanna was beaten once by Chris Brown, and now they’re happily ever after!”? Barf.. dry heave… think I’m ok… Nope, it’s more barf.

I know “An artist’s life is their own” but C’mon; it doesn’t take a genius to know that as a public figure (especially one who is cashing in on the teen demographic) you have a RESPONSIBILITY.

I guess the least Rihanna could do is release a statement saying, “Yes, I’m hitting it again. I know it’s not the best life-choice, especially considering I have many more options and WAY more money than most women in abusive situations do; but I’m not in a great place emotionally right now, so I’m letting this leach in.” That half-assed effort would be better than literally assisting in getting his career back on track after an “unsavory incident” involving your own FACE and his knuckles.
Seriously, girlfriend needs to watch a private screening of No One Would Tell… with a therapist.

Now, as much as I wish cake wasn’t involved in this mess, I think I know the inspiration behind their new song (Courtesy of the film What’s Love Got to Do with It). In all seriousness, RiRi needs a friend like Buddhist Jackie to help set her straight. Don’t eat the cake, Anna Mae!


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