RiRi FINALLY Has New Hair!

In the words of the Great Medea, “Hallelujer!”. Even though I haven’t really been feeling RiRi’s music since her Good Girl Gone Bad album, I’m always interested in her fashion choices.
She always keeps it interesting, but in less of a desperate-“OMGLookAtMe” kind of way, which we all appreciate.

However, I have REALLY been disliking her hair; prrretty much since she started wearing it long.
Like many, my favorite do of her’s was the black/short style. It was great for her face shape, and the jet black shade really made her hazel eyes pop.
Then, there was the blonde phase. Which I didn’t love, but didn’t hate either. A whole lotta Meh. Click Here to see a mini-picture timeline for the evolution to the blonde side.
Then… there was the RED. It was a little Ronald McDonald/Woody Woodpecker-y for my taste; and when she went to a darker shade, I read some blogs calling it “blood stained” and even worse (trust, the analogies got grrross).

And now, we can see that she is still wearing the long curls; but with an Ombre Brown-Gold thing happening.
I’m okay with this, it’s pretty; especially when it’s down (Her New Years-High Ponytail is giving me a bit of Rosie Perez Fever..)

The only problem I have with it is that I’m really kinda getting super sick of the whole Ombre thing. Yes, it really does work for some people (Example: Khloe Kardashian); and if that’s the case, why not commit to that look for a while?
I’m just saying that it seems a little late to jump on this fad train (this has been happening for about 2 years now), and I’m ready to see something new on fashionistas.
Maybe I just expected Rhianna to bring something new and interesting to the table… or maybe I’m just secretly hoping she’ll be stepping out with a black pixie cut soon.

What do you think?


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