Product Review: Pantene Split End Repair


If you’re like me, you can’t afford to get your hair trimmed every few weeks in order to keep your hair healthy and damage-free. And also if you’re like me, you abuse your hair something fierce, between blow-drying, flat-ironing, curling, etc… so you may not have the freshest of ends. Dry, split ends are the terrible consequence of the tortures we put our hair through, and finally, there’s something that helps when frequent trims are out of the question. (Yay!) AND it’s affordable (double Yay!).

I was at Wal-Mart getting a bottle of smoothing milk (I don’t use conditioner in the shower, it makes my Chola hair too greasy. Garnier Smoothing Milk is my usual solution to keeping my hair from completely drying out), when my eye caught the Pantene products. And this jumped out at me right away (probably because it was eye-level…I am kinda short):

Pantene Split End Repair: Keratin Protection Creme

Now, I’m a sucker for anything that says it will help my split ends, so I immediately took a look. It claims to do the following:

Pantene’s keratin protection formula helps bind existing split ends and helps to prevent split ends with continued use. Protect hair against future styling damage and breakage to protect hair’s natural keratin structure, resulting in fewer split ends.

I ended up forgoing my bi-monthly bottle of smoothing milk for this creme.

And I tried it today, and was very pleasantly surprised.

There was a noticeable difference-in ONE use. The ends of my hair looked healthier. MUCH healthier. The split ends that I normally sit and stare at (and yes, I admit, I sometimes pull at them–shame on me!) were almost invisible. I could spy some stragglers here and there, but overall, my hair looks almost split free!!! It feels like a New Year’s miracle!

So, gold star Pantene. Between this and your Curly Hair Series Light Conditioning Detangler (which helps to tame my natural Chola curls/waves whenever I decide to let my hair go au naturel), I think I love you.


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