Newest Wardrobe Essential


Okay, so we all know how much I LOVE Lauren Conrad’s style and her line at Kohl’s. So, I recently splurged (okay, so I spent about $20, which for me is a MAJOR splurge) on this awesome piece.

Is it a blazer? Is it a cardigan? Or is it a BLARDIGAN–or a CRAZER?!

Okay, so I’m getting a bit carried away. But still. I love this because it has the polish of a blazer with the comfort of a cardigan. It’s super simple, yet can take a mundane outfit up a notch on the ‘chic’ scale.

Bottom Line: I can be classy and still feel like a granny.



About saundramarie

Sometimes I think I may be taller than I am. Then I stand next to someone and realize I was wrong. Dead wrong. Follow me on Twitter @saundramarie
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