Product Review: V05 Hot Oil Treatment

Last week, I had a casting call to attend, but noticed that my hair was reasonably fried on the ends. You see, my last haircut was the first week of July; and while I’m growing my hair long, I haven’t had extra cash to spare for a good trim (However, Saundra and I have both been known to cut our own bangs).

I then remembered that I had a tube of Alberto V05 hot oil that my mom had mailed me at least 2 years ago.
I was hesitant at first, because while my ends could use some moisture, I have a more oily scalp than some (Meaning I pretty much have to wash my hair daily, and if I over-condition it can feel grimy or waxy). Also, I once tried an olive oil treatment, and my hair felt super greasy for days after.

The V05 hot oil treatment was great, because unlike most conditioning treatments, you’re supposed to shampoo your hair immediately after rinsing it out. Here are the full directions:

To use the Vo5 Hot Oil Moisturizing Treatment, you need to place the sealed tube of oil in hot water to heat it through; one minute should be sufficient. Apply the oil to wet, unwashed hair. Once you’ve dampened your strands, massage the oil through and let it sit for no longer than one minute. Rinse it out, shampoo, and reapply weekly or as needed.

Super easy! I must admit that I was always a little skeptical about V05 hot oils treatments, mainly because I thought of it as one of those outdated products of the 80’s/90’s that made big promises but usually sucked.
I remember crying as a young girl because the shit I saw on tv didn’t tame my mane the way it did for the beautiful models on the commercials. I know it sounds like an overreaction, but you trying being the only kid in class with a curly fro that boys would flick mechanical pencil lead into.

But apparently, this stuff has been around since the 1950’s. Here’s a quick and interesting history for us nerds:

According to Funding Universe, the flagship product of the Alberto Culver Company began as a chemist’s invention created to repair the hair of Hollywood beauties. In 1955, a man named Leonard Lavin bought the small company responsible for manufacturing Vo5 hair oil and began an aggressive advertising campaign that sent sales to the $5 million mark by 1958. The company appeared on the New York Stock Exchange in 1965, with profits around $100 million. Although product sales dipped slightly in the 1970s thanks to the rise in oil prices, the 1980s brought a resurgence in profits. By 1982, the Vo5 product line brought in one-third of the company’s sales.

Fascinating stuff! Back to the product review, I was really impressed with this. It conditioned, even repaired a little bit of the damage (which I was not expecting!), and gave my hair a great shine; all without ever making it feel oily or greasy.
Only thing I found a little odd was that my hair seemed a little lighter in color afterward, but I’m suspecting that maybe the hot oil just stripped off what was left of an old dye job.


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