Happy 30th Birthday Queen FrappFrapp/”Our Lady of Cheetos”/Britney Spears!

I’m not sure if my Cho/co-blogger realized this last night, but she posted some ahhmazing classic BritBrit music videos on my facebook wall on the eve of one of the top 5 holidays in December!
Yes, our Brit turned 30 today. And it’s been quite the journey!

Remember when she and Justin Timberlake wore matching Canadian Tuxedos to an awards show? Or how she played a med. school bound valedictorian in ‘Crossroads’? Remember when she nicknamed her kids Tater Tot and Small Fry… with K-Fed? Or when she and K-Fed had that tv show ‘Chaotic’ on upn?

Ok, enough re-hashing of the past. I really don’t wanna delve too deeply into the darker times for Brit; as the wise side-kick/piece-of-ass prophet Sloane Peterson once said, “Sooner or later, everyone goes to the zoo.”

Let’s be tasteful and watch this music video of Brit’s where you can see some girl in striped shorts scratch her crotch at the 1:16 mark instead!


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