Comedy Rewind: ‘Idiot Boyfriend’ by Jimmy Fallon

Today a good friend of mine sent me the Late Night with Jimmy Fallon: The Doors Sing ‘Reading Rainbow’ Theme video that’s sweeping the internet this week, and it reminded me of how much I enjoy watching JFal.
I’m not sure why, but I’ve heard a lot of people throw shade at his comedy over the years, and I’m coming right out and saying I disagree and am glad to see his stuff posted on facebook walls. His impressions are funny and often spot on, and while he was known on SNL for breaking character and laughing like a giddy hyena; I’m one of those creatures that thinks that’s sometimes comedy in itself thankyouverymuch.

Anyway, watching his Jim Morrison impersonation took me back to the time of this gem. Apparently this song was popular in 2002, but I must’ve been off doing hoodrat shit, because I didn’t hear it until college when all my girlfriends and I were going through particularly dysfunctional phases in our love-lives simultaneously.
Yes, the way I put it makes it sound kind of sad; but the memory of us blasting this in the car through Southeastern Wisconsin on our drive from our favorite Goodwill store to our apartments (to get dolled up in our fanciest buys of the day), then to the college bar scene, is one of my happiest.

This video also features a 10-years-ago version of a blonde (weird) Zooey Deschanel. This is entertaining whether you like her or not (I find that people, females especially for some reason, either WORSHIP this girl or LOATHE her) because she’s pretty to look at in the 1970’s disco garb, but she also barely speaks at all in this (I’ve also found that the chief complaint from the people that hate her usually has something to do with her voice).
I’m cool with Rickety Cricket’s sister-in-law, she’s cute and a good actress who’s been around for a while; but I also agree with those who find her cotton commercial inexplicably infuriating.

Anyway (for realies this time), lets watch some funnys.


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