New Favorite Gown, Worn By Zoe Saldana

I am head over heels in love with this look; head to toe… Which is easy to feel because she’s gorgeous and either she or her stylist, pretty consistently knows what they’re doing.

Now, I LOVE green. It’s well-known among my friends/family that I’m a sucker for it (almost to a fault). I’m also delighted when I run into another girl who feels the same way. It’s a very underrated color; which makes it EXTREMELY difficult to find a decent cut dress, off the rack, in a complexion-flattering green hue. I’m still on the hunt after about 5 years.
This shade is perfect on Zoe, it’s somewhere between kelly/lime/sea-foam green; which I don’t believe I’ve actually seen on a gown before this.

Also, I am loving the cap sleeve/sequin look (as I mentioned in a previous Revenge post). However, I’ve heard from a friend that’s seen Zoe in person, that she’s incredibly tall, but almost too thin. I think the way he put it was, “It looks great on camera, but if she was just a person you saw on the street, you’d be taken aback by how skinny she was”.
Which is fine, I actually believe that she’s one of those naturally lucky thin/statuesque people; but I wouldn’t expect the slightly slouchy/relaxed cut of this dress to look as refined and structured on a curvier gal (which is where I think a cut more similar to that of Lydia’s dress on Revenge would translate better).

All this being said, I love Zoe’s style. She takes risks, and most of time it pays off. Plus, she was amazing in Crossroads, and amazing-er in Center Stage (“Did you go to a special Bitch Academy?”).
I would love to see Maureen Cummings on the red carpet these days. I was so excited when I spotted her in an episode of Mad Men last season. Her character was taking her teenage daughter to the doctor for an abortion. That makes me feel old in all the wrong ways.

On the topic of Center Stage, my friends and I always loved that Zoe’s character (Eva Rodriquez) and Maureen Cummings suddenly become friends in the end (why?); and Maureen secretly gives Eva her lead dance role (which is revealed dramatically in the final show). Best dialogue ever ensues:

Stage Mom: Why is that trash up there dancing your part?!
Maureen: Because I asked her to. She’s not trash.
Stage Mom: Well, I don’t know what you want me TO DO, Maureen!
Maureen: You could ask me why.
Stage Mom: Ok, why? Why-why-why in God’s name, WHY?

… Sorry, I got a tad caught up in that. Proceed.


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