Sooo… Which Way to the Time Machine?

Some people are unaware that before she was a heavily awarded actress/comedian, that Tracey Ullman was a hit pop singer in the early 80’s.
To be honest, I probably wouldn’t have any idea about this greatness if my dad hadn’t played her cassette tape in the car constantly while we were growing up.

If you enjoy dead-on impressions, I’d suggest watching her HBO series Tracey Takes On, or any of her other cable specials. Her Susan Boyle impersonation is pretty hilarious, as is her spin on Renee Zellweger (videos linked).
She’s great to watch because she really understands what it is to take on the complete physicality (as well as voice, of course) of a character. Her characterizations made little Ashley swoon in wonder.

Also, if you remember the 80’s (or are nostalgic) and have seen her  TV show that aired on Fox (which was then a fairly new network), The Tracey Ullman Show; you’ll notice that the show had a little animated segment called The Simpsons.

Ok, I’m going to try to contain my Girl Boner now (If you haven’t already, I highly recommend watching I Love You to Death. Hilarious movie that won’t disappoint)!

Anyway, here’s Tracey’s 1983 music video for They Don’t Know.

I think this youtuber’s comment best sums it up:

Lord Please, Send me Back to the 80′, I’m dying in this era of 2011. God ,have a mercy of me, You have power to send me right now, Please Lord
MrJimmypage32 3 months ago 20

Ditto, MrJimmyPage32. Ditto.


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