I Want a C-OO-L..R-I-D-E-R…

Most everyone has seen Grease with Travolta (“Oh ma God!”) and knows all of the catchy songs, but it takes a truly brave soul to be a fan of Grease 2.

Since censorship was barely present in my childhood, and my parents were fans of such glamorous things, my friend Taissa and I actually spent the first 10 years of our lives contently loving this movie and completely unaware that it was actually a sequel (not the brightest kids, I know).

Grease 2 is like a beautiful ballet of shit show; and while one can easily see why it was slaughtered by critics, it’s also undeniably fun and became a staple of Boxed Wine Movie Night in college.
My brother actually informed me a couple of years ago that basically everything that could go wrong in production for this film, did; and that kind of explains a lot.
For the full IMDB trivia of this movie (which is basically a list of whooopsies) click HERE; but this is probably my favorite tidbit:

During filming, the two leads Michelle Pfeiffer and Maxwell Caulfield did not get along. A few years after the film was released, Maxwell said in an interview that he and Michelle “got along infamously”. Michelle has also stated in an interview that Maxwell was “self-adoring”.

HAHAHAHAHA. Love. It. First of all, we here at ‘Don’t Cho There’ adore the Pfeiff, and will most often side with her in 95% of situations. In interviews she comes off as a very intelligent and grounded woman, she’s always been ridiculously gorgeous, and just before she was cast in Grease 2 (her first film) she had just escaped an effing CULT.
*Sidenote: I was almost kicked out of an acting class in college for defending the Pfeiff’s talent to a professor who said she was a bad actress.
Also, anybody who has acted can relate to those times where you have to eat the face of somebody you’d rather not. Maxwell Caulfield was a sexy beast, but it’s not completely unthinkable that with those hot-man looks came a case of the cunts. Team Pfeiff 4 Life!

Anyway, let’s stop talking about it and watch a musical number that should be used in all theater auditions.


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