Dear SJP, Why am I Always Tempted to Tweak You?

No, I’m not talking about her nips, pervy (and anyone who watched SATC knows that she consistently looks umm… chilly), I’m talking about her styling.

Since she wore this number to a recent premiere, some people are saying they love it, while others say it gives them a roller disco vibe. When I first saw it, I was like “OMG, I love it!”, but upon further inspection, I have some notes…

First of all, those shoes are so wrong for this (I think I wore those to my first homecoming dance actually… in 2001). Pairing some black platform pumps (perhaps patent leather) with this would add more chicness and elongate her gams instead of chopping them at the ankles (us short-legged gals need to stick together!).
I also wish the hem line was a little shorter at the knee. (I thought about what it might look like as a mini on a tween starlet or something; and while it would be cute, it may cross over to Figure Skater fashion…).
And if we’re being nitpicky, I’d suggest the belting being a bit wider and higher on the waist. Besides those tweaks, I love the look. Her hair/make-up is great, and the purple/pink metallic fade is stunning without being gaudy.

However, I ate a LOT of pizza tonight and maybe I just feel like picking on consistently thin people.


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