Trend Rewind: 2005

For the first trend rewind year, I decided to go with 2005 for multiple reasons. It was a very impressionable year on fashion to me for many reasons including:
– It was my last year of high school/first year of college.
– I happened to be going out a lot and being really irresponsible (see directly above).
– It was the year I met Cho/Blogging Partner Saundra (we’ll have personal fashion flashbacks later in the article).

1. The oversized/Jackie O sunglasses. Thanks to the Olsen twins and Nicole Richie (and other tiny people), this was a 2005 staple. It was cute at first; (and really began the pattern of the late 2000’s of drawing from the past for current trends) but after awhile I remember hearing a lot of Willy Wonka comparisons…
2. Large beaded necklaces/chunky bangles, and other Boho accessories. Many attribute celebrity stylist Rachel Zoe for kicking this one off. Like the large sunglasses, cute at first, but eventually became gaudy and overdone.

[See my embarrassing pic below article…]

3. Metallic Belts. Be it gold, silver, bronze, or sequined, these were everywhere. Mind you, this was before the waistbelt came into play again, so these were all worn low on the hips.
I remember my first semester in college, many girls opted for the sequined one, and often they’d wear it over a “wifebeater”. Like, not even a “wifebeater” inspired ribbed tank; they would literally go to the boys section of WalMart and buy them out.
4. Furry Mukluks and Uggs. I was guilty of a pair of Fuggs (fake uggs) I bought from Wilson Leather. I do not regret this, we went to college in Wisconsin… and in January, you weren’t going to walk to class in your Sequined Ballerina Flats. *You’d wear those over socks (maybe even two pairs..) on your walk to the party, remove the socks upon arrival and stash them in your coat pocket… and most likely lose them by the end of the night. And yes, your feet do cramp from the cold snow almost immediately.

5. Purse Dogs. RIP Tinkerbelle.

6. Newsboy Caps. Very, very, guilty of this one. Was cute until they started to become bedazzled (I mean sequins/glitter, NOT Elizabeth Hurley…).
7. Lacey Lingerie Camis. Honestly, I was super bummed when I had to put mine to sleep.

8. Shrugs and Mini Cardigans. They were perfect for the girl (yes, I was one) who wanted to look conservative for class/dinner, but was up to ho shit later in the day.

9. Chandelier Earrings. Heavy. Very, very heavy. Also, would wreak havoc on your jewelry box and cause HUGE metal tangles.
10. Hair Extentions. Could be cute. Could be ratty and cheap looking. Double edged sword.

*****And as promised… some embarrassment.*****

Above is me in the Summer of 2005… trying to wear all of the trends at once… SO. MUCH. GOING. ON.
I felt like I looked SO great that night, btw… :::sigh:::

Saundra was ahead of her time at prom.

Some of our first Cho-tastic pics together. Wow. Just… wow.


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  1. I like your article.And you can have a good see in sequined uggs.

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