Why I feel okay about not being a great singer…

What with all the buzz about Elizabeth ‘Lizzie’ Olsen lately, I would like to comment on the Olsen twins today. (And also share HERE my favorite Lizzie Olsen moment).

Now that we’ve seen a bit of a blast from the past, let’s examine Mary-Kate and Ashley’s former musical triumphs.

Nothing is more catchy than the cheesy songs they used to sing on their countless video series and cassette tapes. And I won’t lie; I still own a ton of their videos. I even have some old cassettes of their catchy ditties.

Part of my actual Olsen Twin VHS collection. I know, I'm SO hardcore.

I will even admit that when I was 10-years-old, my best friends were a set of fraternal twins, and we would sing Olsen twins songs on the bus rides to and from school. I knew all the words. And, if I’m being truly honest, I can still recall many of the lyrics.

I can also freely admit that my musical skills are on par with MK & A’s. (Hey, don’t judge. We can’t all have Jodi Benson-like voices!)

Now that I’ve gone on a bit of a tangent, let me explain why I love old-school Olsen twin lyrics. While I was learning things from them such as: big words (musicology, radiology, pharmacology, lexicography…etc), how to sell my brother, why both broccoli and chocolate are delicious (because they are in love!), and that bravery is a good thing…today’s kids are learning the days of the week (that’s enough, Rebecca Black: ςa suffit! Your Moment has passed, so go away) and about repetition (if I have to hear ‘baby, baby, baby, oooo! baby, baby, baby, oooo!’ one more time at work, I may tear out my hair. See my earlier post for more of my Beiber feelings), as well as how to spend a lazy day (I hate that song. Thanks a lot, Bruno Mars).

I feel that as lame as the Olsen twin songs and stories may have been, they were of a far higher quality than the shit kids are seeing these days. Just sayin’.

And now, my all-time fave Olsen twin musical treat:


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