Cop Rock sings to my Soul

Earlier this year, I learned about the best, most glorious show of 1990:

Cop Rock.

A Glee-like extravaganza that follows a bunch of cops, who seem to burst into song more than they burst onto the scene of a crime. (Unlike Glee*, it doesn’t have the lingering tensions of teenage angst, nor does it seem to rely on a plethora of celebrity guest stars to function.)

Granted, Cop Rock was canceled after one season. But still. I think that it was just ahead of it’s time, and TV Land should snatch that shit up. ASAP. Not only did it feature such original hits as “Quit Yer Bitchin'” and “He’s Quilty”, but it boasted a theme song performed by none other than Randy Newman (btws, let me just note that Randy Newman made me feel a bit bad about myself, when in 2006, a friend sent me a link to the song “Short People”…I’m pretty sure I blocked this song from my memory after hearing it in my formative years, and revisiting it later in life was tough, mang!)

So, without further ado, a clip from this epic musical drama: a ballad about partners, featuring one of my all-time favorite things…A MONTAGE!




*DISCLAIMER: While I’m not a fan of Glee, I must say, I do adore that Jane Lynch is on that show. Has she ever done any movies with Allison Janney? Because if she has, that would be glorious. Those broads CRACK ME UP.


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