This Guy Knows How to Quit!

I think it’s safe to say (especially with how the economy has been for a while, and therefore career choices being dwindled), that many people have had to hold a shit job that they hated.
You know, that job where right before you walk inside, you fantasize about how you’d rather have hot garbage thrown at you for 8 hours straight while getting paid minimum wage than to go inside and begin your shift?

When the going would get rough on said workdays, I’d always daydream about some elaborate way I could quit that bitch. No matter how much I tried to avoid it, my Quit Fantasy would almost always turn out to be a song; probably because of this:

Well, Joey (below via personal youtube upload), took the dramatic musical exit to a whole other level. Don’t wanna make you read more, but I do think that anyone who’s had to work for real pieces of kaka will relate to his story:

I worked in this hotel for 3.5 years. I worked while going to school full time to pay my tuition and living expenses. This was not a job I had for two weeks before quitting in a hissy-fit.

The working conditions in the hotel are horrendous. In the kitchen, workers are regularly forced to work 10, 11, 14, 16 hour shifts that begin at 5:30AM and last well into the night. Housekeepers are reprimanded if they fail to clean 16 rooms or more in a 9 hour shift. Anyone who speaks up—especially anyone who is openly pro-union—is disciplined or fired. Managers, like Jared, scream down employees daily.

I worked extremely hard to change the conditions in the hotel. My co-workers and I regularly organized ourselves to push back against management and demand respect. I was also one of many workers who led the fight to organize a formal union at the hotel.

The hotel has yet to recognize our union, and they continue a vicious union-busting campaign. They punish and fire pro-union workers, spread lies in captive-audience meetings, and generally attempt to scare the workers out of joining the union. Still, through just being organized and threatening to form a union, we’ve won countless victories, including raises, new uniforms, lower housekeeper room quotas, etc.

This video is a hilarious byproduct of a long and ongoing struggle in the Renaissance Providence and hotels throughout the country.

*Without further ado, here’s Joey’s grand exit:


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