Nail Stripes

Okay, so most people who know me know that I like to play around with doing fun things with my nails. Nail polish is one of my tiny (and cheap!) indulgences.

Experimenting can help you unleash your creative side. One of my favorite things to do to is give myself a manicure with bands of colors (known in the real world as ‘stripes’). One week, I rocked a Candyland-esque manicure, and it rocked:

I got a lot of compliments on this, and a lot of people couldn’t believe I did it myself vs going to a salon. So, below I’ll show you how you can do this yourself.

What you’ll need:
-2 colors of nail polish
For this tutorial, I chose Revlon #092 Blue Lagoon and Rimmel #390 Burgundy Flirt
-French manicure sticker guides, such as Nailene Perfect Tips French Polish Guides
-You’ll also want a clear topcoat, such as NYC #271 Extra Shiny Top Coat
-And, an optional item (which I personally LOVE), a liquid quick dry, such as Revlon Liquid Quick Dry.

Once you have your supplies, you’ll want to make sure you have 1-2 hours to spare. This manicure takes time, as each coat has to dry. So, pop in your favorite DVD or find something fun on Netflix, and get to it!

Saundra’s Chola-tastic DIY Striped Manicure

Step 1: Apply polish number 1 (it is better that you do this with the lighter of the two colors). I’d suggest at least 2-3 coats (for this, I did 4 of the Lagoon Blue. You can do however many you want, as long as you get it to be the shade you want). Let dry (use Quick Dry if you have it!)

Step 2: Apply the French Manicure Guide stickers. You can space them out and angle them any way you’d like, it’s completely up to you. Make sure that they’re stuck securely to the nail. Wrap the excess around your finger so its not flailing around.

Step 3: Once the guides are on securely and where you want them, paint on color number (Burgundy Flirt in this case). Depending on the color, 1-2 coats will be sufficient (I did 1 here). If you have it, put some quick dry over the polish and let set.

Step 4: Pull off the guide stickers. Make sure the polish is at least 95% dry before you do this, otherwise it may pull more than you want off. If you’re using a quick dry, I’d suggest putting it on nails once stickers are removed and then letting nails DRY COMPLETELY.

Step 5: Once nails are COMPLETELY dry, apply clear top coat. This will smooth out the look, so it doesn’t have that textured, layered, unfinished look going on. Let dry. Clean up any sloppy lines with polish remover and a q-tip.
(Note: If you don’t let the polish dry completely before applying top coat, the polish could smudge, as did happen to me in my impatience, as you can see in the photos above.)

Voila! And there you have it. 5 steps to a pretty neat manicure. My favorite part of this manicure is that the color choices are endless. You can do colors that contrast wildly, or colors that are extremely similar, or any color combo you want.

Let me know what your attempts look like–submit them in the comments section below!


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Sometimes I think I may be taller than I am. Then I stand next to someone and realize I was wrong. Dead wrong. Follow me on Twitter @saundramarie
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One Response to Nail Stripes

  1. Terri says:

    I remember doing a persons nails when they were a child—now I may need to ask them to do mine!! Nice graphics and great instructions, THANKS!!

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