“50/50” is a movie I’d actually pay movie theatre prices to see again

If there’s any movie you see this month, see 50/50.

I (finally!) got the chance to see it this past weekend, and it was l’amazing. I expected it to be good, but I did not expect it to be as good as it was. No lie.

**PS-Possible Spoilers Ahead…you have been warned.**

First of all, let me say–this is NOT a movie “about cancer.” It’s about so much more than that. It’s about people and life and hope and love and all that other cliche stuff. But it’s not simply a “cancer movie.” (I say this because the movie has had poor audience attendance. Which is sad, because it is WORTH YOUR $10 AT THE MOVIES).

The story follows a young man named Adam, who finds out he has a 50/50 chance of living after being diagnosed with cancer, and the people who do (and don’t) help him on the journey. The movie is both serious and funny, both heartwarming and heartbreaking. I laughed. I cried. I cringed. I rooted for the protagonist in all his struggles. I booed the bitch who broke his heart. I was kept on the edge of my seat, wondering if/how/when he’ll get better. I was in a glass case of emotion, and it was awesome.

Reasons I loved it:

1) The script was well-written and insightful.
It was based on a true story, and written by the man it was based on. Which makes it no surprise that we see a well-painted picture (well, what I assume to be) of the struggles associated with cancer and how it not only affects the person who has it, but those around them.

2) The actors were perfectly cast.
I won’t lie, Joseph Gordon-Levitt is one of my favorite actors (you can see the small cardboard cutout myself and a friend made while having a JGL marathon one day HERE), and I’m always impressed by his range. He’s such an amazing young performer, and his performance in 50/50 is phenomenal. It was a tough role, one that he handles with aplomb (I’ve always wanted to say that…Score one for me!). I can’t see anyone else in this role, and I’m so glad he took it on (especially since he wasn’t the original choice-James McAvoy was. And while I like him, too, it’s just not as fitting). Then there’s Seth Rogen, playing…well, playing the same role he plays in every movie: the friend-who-seems-like-a-lazy-horny-pothead-loser-yet-has-a-heart-of-gold-that-isn’t-fully-revealed-until-later. While this is perfect for this movie, someday I’d like to see Seth take on a role that’s…well, anything but what he does. Not that he doesn’t do it well, but it’d be nice to see him step out of that mold. But it works for this film, especially since his character was based on himself, as he helped the screenwriter on whom the story was based through his cancer. Anywho, we also have Anna Kendrick, who is perfect as the newbie therapist. I’ve only seen Anna as the ditzy Jessica in the Twilight Saga, yet it was refreshing to see her as Katherine. Plus, she’s my age and looks really young like I do, so I feel an automatic connection (same goes for Rachel Bilson, who you can read about in my last post). Rounding out the cast is Bryce Dallas Howard (who also has Twilight ties) as the horrible girlfriend of our hero, and the always amazing Anjelica Huston as Adam’s overbearing-yet-loving-and-attempting-to-overcome-hardships-of-her-own mother (one of my favorite quotes from the movie? Anjelica blurting, ” I want you to know that I smothered him because I love him.”)

3) You get to laugh…about cancer.
The movie is essentially a dramady. It is written so well, that we get to see the lighter sides of this terrible ordeal (that cancer patients/survivors are human beings, who laugh and cry and try to live life to the fullest).

Okay, so those are my top 3 reasons. I could go on and on about how much I loved it, but I’ll leave it at that. Therefore, all I have left to say is:

SEE IT. Do it. NOW.

Oh, and that JGL rocks my socks. How can this face not melt your cold heart? Even bald and sickly, he’s adorable:


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  1. Allison Sill says:

    Yay for lil JGL! I’m so happy he made it on your site!

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