Rollin’ With the Homies

Last night, I caught an episode of ABC’s new sitcom “Suburgatory” (Wednesdays, 7:30pm central time). And I was struck by the familiarity of the face and voice of the show’s single, devilishly good-looking, goateed father character, yet could not place him for certain. But the VOICE. I knew I knew that VOICE.

Thank goodness for that which is

Anywho, I quickly realized that this DILF:

Is THIS hot 90s asshole:

Yes, it’s Jeremy Sisto, aka ELTON from one of my favorite 90s classics, “Clueless.” Or, as Tai would say, “El-on” (swallowing the ‘T’ in a way that is way harsh for any student of diction).

Ah, yes, Elton. The guy that helped teenage (and pre-pubescent girls such as myself at the time) in the mid-90s learn how to ‘roll with the homies‘ and how a guy can dick you over and go after your more popular, blonder, richer friend. Because of the Elton storyline in “Clueless,” I still wish for a relationship that develops an ‘our song’ so that I can put it on a cassette tape and dramatically burn it in my friend’s fireplace while hitting on her geekily hot, academic older former-step-brother (who grows up to not only marry Phoebe on ‘Friends’ but also gets to use these smooth moves to impress every Cho’s hero, Michelle Pfeiffer…I’d get into our Cool Rider Lover obsession, but it may require more space and time…but I can promise we Chos will get to that sooner or later!).

Naturally, I couldn’t contain my excitement at seeing Jeremy Sisto. Now I just want to put on my best 90s outfit and watch “Clueless”.

Ah, “Clueless,” you helped define what I thought high school should be like at the ripe age of 10. You helped broaden my vocabulary (WHATever). You helped me to always remember that Polonius said “To thine own self be true” and NOT Hamlet (thanks to Mel Gibson). You helped me embrace knee socks and colorful plaid. And, you gave me the dream of a magical closet that is operated by computer. Thank you.

Anywho, before I’m ‘outie’, I leave you with one of my favorite moments:


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