Leo wasn’t enough for her?

Hot on the heels of her breakup with Leo, Blake Lively has found herself a new man–Ryan Reynolds. Now, I’m not going to lie, I enjoy Ryan’s movies (especially his early ones a là Lifetime), but I do question his taste in women. Case in point: his marriage to ScarJo, whose fake extensions in the rom-com classic “He’s Just Not That Into You” make me cringe with horror, as does her singing voice (which is thankfully never revealed in the movie–good job, film editors!). But their marriage seemed to be a happy one, so I accepted it as one of those things…though I accepted their divorce as inevitable.

But BLAKE LIVELY? Really? She has no talent, limp hair, and a speaking voice that puts me to sleep. And she dumped the perfectly nice Penn Badgley (LOVE HIM! especially in THIS). The only thing I can give her credit for is being the younger sister of 80s “most popular girl” Robyn Lively (watch the “Teen Witch” Trailer here…seriously, watch it. And then, go watch the movie. DO IT.), and Eric Lively, the star of Pink’s ‘Please Don’t Leave Me’ video. Other than her family connections, she really doesn’t have much going for her. I suppose she needs to land these high-profile men in order to ensure her own status in the ever-changing land of celebrity popularity.

I hope it doesn’t last.

What are your thoughts on this new relationship?


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One Response to Leo wasn’t enough for her?

  1. ashleyzuzu says:

    OMG. I watched the ‘Please Don’t Leave Me’ video for the first time in about 2 years (I was OBSESSED!). And 1. Eric Lively is BY FAR the prettiest member of that family. 2. Why is P!nk in a bikini in the opening scene? 3. Back to the opening scene, why is she not letting him pack his golf clubs? That will stop him from leaving your ass? He can afford that fancy-ass pad but can’t buy more fucking golf clubs?!?!

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