The Epic Return of KIKI

I missed Kirsten Dunst, I really did. She had a few rough years (fashion-wise for sure) , but it looks like homegirl is back on the scene; And she (or her stylist) is NAILING IT.

I love this. It’s fresh and very 70’s. It’s simple and clean, very reminiscent of National Treasure/Fashion Icon Candace Bergen back in the day. *(Sidenote: Saundra feels the same way about Candace Bergen as I do about Sally Field. If you’re sitting next to her in a movie theater, and that woman makes a cameo, she’ll turn to you and whisper “Caaandaaace Beeeerrgen…” in a haunting voice).

Most notably, in her appearances lately, she’s looked more rested than I feel like we’ve seen her in YEARS. I’m not quite sure what she’s doing these rounds of publicity for, but I’m happy to see her. Kiki’s like an Easy Bake Oven, as long as we can keep her working and in one piece, then our childhoods aren’t completely over.


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