Something to Think About…

So here’s the thing, anybody who is Cho familiar (or unfortunate strangers who’ve had to overhear our asses acting like pixie-stick-snorting [only happened once] 12-year-olds in Goodwill’s fanciest section) is well aware of our obsession with vintage music videos.

It’s our thought that in the earlier years of mtv/music videos, bitches were forced to be creative in a new media… as well as hilariously awful.

I, in particular, am fond of the ones where rock musicians from the 60’s/70’s, are really trying their best to get into the 80’s… while wearing ridiculous clothing and covering other people’s songs from the 60’s? Bowie/Jagger’s Dancing in the Street anyone?

Anyway, this is the case with one of my faves, Linda Ronstadt’s VERY 80’s cover of the 60’s song ‘Tell Him’.

1. If you look in a Cho’s closet there’s a 95% chance you’ll find a duplicate of her outfit.

2. Further proof that Nicolas Cage is Vampire who can appear ANYWHERE occurs at the 1:34 mark. Enjoy!


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