“She straightened her hair for the occasion!”

In honor of this being the first post that I bring to this site, I would like to commemorate it by straightening my hair for this momentous occasion.

Okay, so I’m not really going to straighten my hair RIGHT NOW, but maybe I will in the morning. I’m just so darn excited that this thing is up and working. I am proud to say that after many technological hurdles and headaches, we’ve finally got this up and a-running.

Now, on to more important things…

This commercial gets me EVERY TIME. I know, it seems like an extremely awkward thing to be posting (and the YouTube poster thought so as well, it seems!), but it’s got everything anyone could ever want, including (but not limited to):
1) awesome 80s fashions
2) a zebra-print one-piece bathing suit
3) a catchy jingle
4) a somewhat skewed version of a montage
5) hand-drawn sets

This commercial is everything I wish contemporary commercials would be. Heck, I want to be friends with these girls, travel to the Valley, spend a day montage-ing (yes, I made it a verb) at the Galleria of the 80s, and lounging at the beach, hoping to catch a glimpse of Nic Cage sporting the world’s creepiest chest hair.

*le sigh*

Therefore, I hope you enjoy and giggle as much as I do. 🙂


About saundramarie

Sometimes I think I may be taller than I am. Then I stand next to someone and realize I was wrong. Dead wrong. Follow me on Twitter @saundramarie
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2 Responses to “She straightened her hair for the occasion!”

  1. ashleyzuzu says:

    We posted these at the same time. Who the hell knew we both thought about Nicolas Cage so much?

    Sidenote: My Dad once didn’t speak to my Mom for 3 days in the early 90’s because she had a dream where she was married to Nic Cage instead of him.

    • saundramarie says:

      Nicholas Cage could give Rob Pattinson a run for his money in vampiric hotness. He epitomized badboy sexy in a decade where sexiness as we lnow it today was scarce.
      Case in point:
      “Valley Girl” and “Peggy Sue Got Married”

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