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Kim & Kris…kallin’ it kuits

  Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries have filed for divorce! *GASP!* If you’ve been keeping up with the Kardashians, then you know all the buzz surrounding August’s big celebrity wedding between Kim and Kris. Kim’s (oh yes, it was definitely … Continue reading

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Throwback Fashionista: Veronica Corningstone

Two nights ago, I got on this crazed sewing kick in time for Halloween, which basically went from 8pm to 3:30am. While doing so, I went through a couple of scary movies, but as it got later I decided to … Continue reading

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Trend Rewind: 2005

For the first trend rewind year, I decided to go with 2005 for multiple reasons. It was a very impressionable year on fashion to me for many reasons including: – It was my last year of high school/first year of … Continue reading

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Cop Rock sings to my Soul

Earlier this year, I learned about the best, most glorious show of 1990: Cop Rock. A Glee-like extravaganza that follows a bunch of cops, who seem to burst into song more than they burst onto the scene of a crime. … Continue reading

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Why I feel okay about not being a great singer…

What with all the buzz about Elizabeth ‘Lizzie’ Olsen lately, I would like to comment on the Olsen twins today. (And also share HERE my favorite Lizzie Olsen moment). Now that we’ve seen a bit of a blast from the … Continue reading

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